Laws of the Game: By-laws


No timeouts are permitted in any matches

Match duration

Matches are allocated a 40min time window.

Mixed team matches requirements

No more than 2 males are allowed on the outfield (goal keeper excluded) at any time

Adding additional players

You can register new players upto 5pm on matchday. Please update your player registration sheet, with new players details, and email it through to us.

Borrowing Players from other teams

You can use a player from another team ONLY if you have 4 players turn up to your match. If a mixed team has only one girl turn up they can borrow another girl from another team. The penalty for this is a 3 goal penalty. The team can now only play with 5 players in total, or 2 girls in total for mixed teams. If any more players turn up during the match the borrowed player must come off.

Players can only play in another team in the same division.

Player equipment

Players must wear shin pads and longs socks to cover them.

No jewellery is permitted to be worn on the field. This includes rings, earrings, necklaces, piercings, watches (including fitbits type devices) or wearable cameras.