Competition Information

Nights and Divisions available

The night and division you choose will remain the same for the duration of the competition.

Our 2022 Competitions are;

Season 1- Mid Feb* to mid May (completed)

Delayed start due to Covid

Season 2- Mid May to Aug (almost completed)

Season 3- Late Aug to end November

Mini Season 4- December to January 2023

Matches will be held at our Mosman Venue

  • Upcoming Season- 2022 Season #3 Monday/Tuesday Late August
  • Monday Mixed, Mens Open Mosman
  • Tuesday Mens Div 1 & 2Mosman

Game times

  • Kickoffs range from 640pm to 920pm (Monday, Tuesday). All our games are allocated 40mins game time.

How to enter a team

  • Complete a registration form and email to Please check availability below. Please return the registration form with your nominated night and payment details in order to reserve a place. Registration forms will need to be updated with full player details before any new player will be allowed to play.


The team entry fee is $1150, Back to 12 week seasons

Insurance cover is included in your team entry fees. There is no additional cost to register any new players (up to a total of 12) for one competition.

If there is a government mandated Covid shut down, the remaining games in the season will be cancelled and the match fees will be refunded on a pro rata basis of remaining games in the season

Please contact us if you have any queries