Competition Information

Upcoming Season- 2019 Season #3 - mid July to September

The season kicks off from July 12th, Registrations are now open.

Nights and Divisions available

The night and division you choose will remain the same for the duration of the competition.

Our 2019 Competitions are;

Season 1- mid January to April,

Season 2- April to July,

Season 3- mid July to September,

Season 4- September to December.

  • Monday Night- Mens & Mixed Divisions 1 & 2 (North Sydney & Mosman)
  • Tuesday Night- Mens Divisions (North Sydney & Mosman)
  • Thursday Night- Mens Divisions (North Sydney )

Game times

  • Kickoffs range from 640pm to 920pm (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Competitions. All our games are allocated 40min game time.

How to enter a team

  • Complete a registration form and email to Please check availability below. Please return the registration form with your nominated night and payment details in order to reserve a place. Registration forms will need to be updated with full player details before any new player will be allowed to play.


Teams currently playing - $945

New Teams - $1350

Annual insurance is paid once per Futsal year (September to the following September) by all teams. A 30% discount is applied to the next three competitions within the same Futsal year to acknowledge the annual insurance payment made in the previous September. The cost per team is $1350 for the upcoming competition. This covers all team players' registration, sportscover insurance and match fees. There are no additional costs. Teams that have played in the 2018 September season who are returning for the 2019 seasons receive a 30% discount for the team fee to take into account the insurance component already paid. There is no additional cost to register any new players (up to a total of 12) during the season.

2019 Season #3 July 2019 to October 2019

Monday Nights

Kick off date: July 22nd- Places Available

Mens Div1, Mixed Divisions 1 & 2

Tuesday Nights

Kick off date: July 16th- Places Available

Mens Div1, Mens Div2,

Thursday Nights

Kick off date: July 11th- Places Available

Mens Division